By : Abraham Lincoln

Life on this earth such a short visit, it seems terrible for so many to look upon their work as drudgery. It is pitiable sight to witness one who is employed outside a labor of love. There is a wide difference between the manner in which two people do the same thing.


You can always tell the person that loves his work. He arrives early for work and does not watch the clock in anticipation of quitting time. His cheerful attitude throughout the day indicates the pleasure that he desires from his vocation. Whether one’s work is pleasure or whether it is drudgery is primarily a matter of mental attitude.


The rearing of children and routine household duties, more often than not, eventually become drudgery to the housewife. They dread the same old chores day in and day out and eventually tend to postpone their work as long as possible. When they do not to the task at hand, they get rid of it as quickly as they can. They find themselves in the position of doing something out of necessity when in fact they would rather be doing something else.


Whether in the home or in the office, there is a great difference between whole hearted and half hearted work, between enthusiastic and lukewarm service. The provider of the family income should be employed in an occupation of his choosing, one in which he can find happiness. No one should be employed in an occupation merely because it pays more money than another. Money should not be the deciding factor in one’s employment. On the other hand, if one is devoted to his work. If it is truly a labor of love, one will rise rapidly and can achieve significant financial rewards, even though they are not readily available initially.


Within or outside the home, if we will develop the artistic spirit for our work quality, not quantity, it will make all the difference in the world. It is this artistic quality, this soul spirit, this dead in earnestness which distinguished the work of an artist from the work of a drudge.


About springocean83

I'm a quiet shy man who have soft feeling but can be hot and have more attention if meet anyone who honest and have more understanding of each other. I like travelling, swimming and reading. The most bored thing for me is PARTY because I'm a personal who like peaceful and equanimity.

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