Buddhism : What They Thought and Said About It


E.A.Burtt, “The Compassionate Buddha”

Gentleness, serenity, compassion, through liberation from selfish – craving – these are the fundamental teachings of the great Oriental religion of Buddhism.


Phra Khantipalo, “Tolerance”

Buddha Dharma is like a bridge well built of flexible steel, it adapts itself to changing circumstances, but at the same time it has secured foundations and offers a safe way to the Deathless, to Nirvana.


Charles T. Gorham

Surely the mysterious East, that fertile mother of religions, has given us in Buddhism a true revelation, since it makes known to us the moral beauty and purity that lies in the deep of human nature needing no other divinity than that which abides in the human heart to awake them into living glory.


Prof. Rhys Davids

Buddhist or not Buddhist, I have examined every one of the great religious systems of the world, and in none of them have I found anything to surpass, in beauty and comprehensiveness, the Noble Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha. I am content to shape my life according to that path.


Ven. Dr. W. Rahula, “What the Buddha Taught”

Buddhism is a quite opposed to the melancholic, sorrowful, penitent and gloomy attitude of mind which is considered a hindrance to the realization of Truth. On the other hand, it is interesting to remember here that joy is one of the seven ‘Factors of Illumination’, the essential qualities to be cultivated for the realization of Nirvana.


Buddhism is always a question of knowing and seeing, and not that of believing. The teaching of the Buddha is qualified as Ehi – Passiko, inviting you to come and see, but not to come and believe.


Those who thing that Buddhism is interested only in lofty ideals, high moral and philosophical thought, and ignores any social and economic welfare of people, are wrong. To the Buddha, happiness was not possible without leading a pure life based on moral and spiritual principles. Buddhism recognizes the need of certain minimum material conditions favorable to spiritual success – even that of a monk engaged in meditation in some solitary place.


If the Buddha is to be called a ‘saviour’ at all, it is only in the sense that he discovered and showed the Path to Liberation, Nirvana. But we must tread the Path ourselves.


To force oneself to believe and to accept a thing without understanding is political, and not spiritual or intellectual.


Hazrat Inayat Khan, “The Sufi Message”

The mission of the Buddha was quite unique in its character, and therefore it stands quite apart from the many other religions of the world. His mission was to bring the birds of idealism flying in the air nearer to the earth, because the food for their bodies belonged to the earth.


Albert Einstein

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description.


Francis Story, “Buddhism as World Religion”

The doctrines of Buddha Dharma stand today, as unaffected by the march of time and the expansion of knowledge as when they were first enunciated. No matter to what lengths increased scientific knowledge can extend man’s mental horizon, within the frame work of the Dhamma there is a room for the acceptance and assimilation of further discovery. It does not rely for its appeal upon limited concepts of primitive minds nor for its power upon the negative of thought.


Bishop Gore, “Buddha and the Christ”

It is Buddhism as we find it actually recorded, not a hypothetical primitive system, which still forms a challenge to other religions.


Prof. Lakhsmi Narasu, “The Essence of Buddhism”

It is a glory of Buddhism that it makes intellectual enlightenment an essential condition of salvation. In Buddhism, morality and intellectual enlightenment are inseparable from one another. While morality forms the basis of the higher life, knowledge and wisdom complete it. Without a perfect understanding of the law of causality and transformation ( Pratityasamutpada ), no one can even be said to be truly moral if he doesn’t possess the necessary insight and knowledge. Buddhism starts with no assumptions. It stands on the firm rock of facts, and can therefore never shun the dry light of knowledge.


Of Buddhism alone can it be affirmed it is free from all fanaticism. Its aim being to produce in every man a thorough internal transforming by self – conquest, how can it have resource to might or money or even persuasion for effecting conversion? The Buddha has only shown the way to salvation, and it is left to each individual to decide for himself if he would follow it.


Of Buddhism alone can it be affirmed it is free from all fanaticism. Its aim being to produce in every man a thorough internal transforming by self – conquest, how can it have recourse to might or money or even persuasion for effecting conversion? The Buddha has only shown the way to salvation, and it is left to each individual to decide for himself if he would follow it.


Prof. Huxley, “Evolution and Ethics”

Gautama got rid of even that shade of a shadow of permanent existence by a metaphysical tour de force of great interest to the student of philosophy. The tendency of enlightenment thought of all today all the world over is towards philosophy and psychology. The fundamental principles of evolution and monism are being accepted by the thoughtful.


Anagarika Dharmapala, “The World’s Debt to Buddha”

Twenty five centuries ago India witnessed an intellectual and religious revolution which culminated in the overthrow of monotheism, priestly selfishness, and the establishment of a synthetic religion, a system of light and thought which was appropriately called Dhamma – Philosophical Religion.


A Western Writer

Buddhism is a plan for living in such a way as to derive highest benefit from life. It is a religion of wisdom where knowledge and intelligence predominate. The Buddha didn’t preach to win converts but to enlighten listeners.


Bandaranaike, Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Buddhism will last as long as the sun and moon last and the human race exists upon the earth, for it is a religion of man, of humanity as a whole.


Ven. Dr. W. Rahula

Buddhism is realistic, for it takes a realistic view of life and of the world. It doesn’t falsely pull us into living in a fool’s paradise, nor does it frighten and agonize us with all kinds of imaginary fears and guilt feelings. It calls us exactly and objectively what we are and what the world around us is, and shows us the way to perfect freedom, peace, tranquility and happiness.


Ven. Narada Maha Thera “What is Buddhism”

A Buddhist is not a slave to a book or to any person. Nor does he sacrifice his freedom of thought by becoming a follower of the Buddha. He can exercise his own free will and develop his knowledge even to the extent of attaining Buddhahood himself, for all are potential Buddhas.


Rev. Joseph Wain

Buddhism taught a life not by rule, but by principle, a life of beauty ; and as a consequence, it was a religion of tolerance. It was the most charitable system under the sun.


Christmas Humpreys, “Buddhism”

Buddhism would remain what it is even if it were proved that the Buddha never lived.


Dr. Graham Howe

To read a little Buddhism is to realize that the Buddhists knew, two thousand five hundred years ago, far more about our modern problems of psychology than they have yet been given credit for. They studied these problems long ago and found their answers too.


Dudley Wright

We hear much nowadays of thoughtful – power, but Buddhism is the most complete and effective system of mind – training yet placed before the world.


Manmatha Nath Sastri

The Buddha created a new race of men, a race of moral heroes, a race of salvation – workers, a race of Buddhas.


Dr. K.N. Jayatilleke, “Buddhism and Peace”

Buddhism is the first missionary religion in the history of humanity with a universal message of salvation for all mankind. The Buddha after his enlightenment sent out sixty – one disciples in different directions asking them to preach the doctrine for the weal and welfare of mankind.


Here it is necessary to draw attention to another unique feature of the religion of the Buddha, namely, that it is the only religion of any religious teacher, which is the outcome of a consistent philosophy, which claims to tell us about the ultimate facts of existence and reality. The religion of the Buddha is a way of life resulting from the acceptance of a view of life, which is said to be factual. His philosophy is not without an account of the nature of knowledge.


Dr. G.P. Malalasekara

It was never, however, the Buddhist way to proselytize – in the sense of forcing ideas and beliefs upon an unwilling audience, much less to exert pressure of any kind, or any kind of flattery, deceit or cajolery, to win adherence to one’s own point of view. Buddhist missionaries have never competed for converts in the market – place.


The Great Khan Mongka

Buddhism is like the palm of the hand, the other religions being the fingers.


Ven. Gnanatiloka, A German Buddhist Scholar

Some people think that Buddhism is a dark and melancholy religion. It is not so; it will make its followers bright and cheerful. When we read the birth stories of Bodhisattva, the future Buddha, we learn how He cultivated the Perfection of patience and forbearance. It will help us to be cheerful even in the midst of great troubles and to take delight in other’s welfare.


Geoffrey Mortimer, A Writer in the West

Turn to Buddhism, and you will read that Asoka not only preached a lofty morality but exercised the power of kingship in a manner that shames our modern sovereigns of other faiths.


Gertrude Garatt

It will not be possible even today in regard to Buddhism that it is worn out because it is rooted upon certain fixed principles that can never be altered.


Ven. A. Mahinda

Dhamma, the law of righteousness, exists not only in a man’s heart but it exists in the universe also. The laws of nature which modern science have discovered are revelations of Dhamma. If man will live by Dhamma, he will escape misery and attain Nibbana.


Bertrand Russell

Of the great religions of history I prefer Buddhism, especially in its earliest forms, because it has had the smallest element of persecution.


Dr. Edward Conze, A Western Buddhist Scholar

Although one may originally be attracted by its remoteness, one can appreciate the real value of Buddhism only when one judges it by the result it produces in one’s own life from day to day.


Prof. Karl Pearson

Knowledge alone is the key to the higher path, the one worth pursuing in life; knowledge is that which brings calmness and peace to life, which renders man indifferent to the storms of the phenomenal world.


Ven. Prof. Ananda Kaushalyayana

How fortunate are the humble followers of the Buddha who have not inherited the fallacy of infallibility of any revealed book from the very beginning.


Dr. W.F. Jayasuriya “The Psychology and Philosophy of Buddhism”

Buddhism is thus a personal religion, and there is little room in it for ritual and ceremony. An act done with an idea of one’s own conditioning ceases to be a rite. Much of the seemingly ritual of present – day Buddhism, when seen thus are really not rites.


Emperor Asoka

One should not honour only one’s own religion and condemn the religions of others, but one should honour other’s religions for this or that reason. Let all listen, and be willing to listen to the doctrines professed by others.


Dr. Valisinha, General Secretary, Maha Bodhi Society, “Buddhist way of life”

A religion or a way of life is judged not merely by the truth it proclaims but also by the change that it is brings about in the life of its followers. So far as this test is concerned Buddhism has a record of achievements in which we can take a genuine pride.


Prof. Von Glasenapp, A German Scholar

The unconscious consists in the totality of the impressions which slumber in the individual as the inheritance from his previous existence. The Buddhist technique of meditation, which is concerned with the latent forces, is thus a fore – runner of modern psycho – analysis, of autogenic mental training etc.


Moni Bagghee, “Our Buddha”

Buddhism is the only great religion of the world that it is consciously and frankly based on a systematic rational analysis of the problems of life and of the way to its solution.


Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, “Gautama the Buddha”

There is little of what we call dogma in the Buddha’s teaching. With a breadth of view rare in that age and not common in ours he refuses to stifle criticism. Intolerance seemed to him the greatest enemy of religion.


Phra Khantipalo, “Tolerance”

Most neophytes of some other religions are controlled by their Guru and are forbidden to read the scriptures, doctrines, magazines, booklets and tracts of other religions. This very rarely happens within Buddhism.


Edmond Holmes, “The creed of Buddha”

These five precepts, indicate five arterial directions in which the Buddhist self – control is to be exercised. Thus, the first rule calls upon him to control the passion of anger, the second, the desire for material possessions, the third, the lust of the flesh, the fourth, cowardice and male – violence ( the causes of untruthfulness ), the fifth, the craving for unwholesome excitement.


H.G. Wells

Over great areas of the world it still survives. It is possible that in contact with Western science, and inspired by the spirit of history, the original teaching of Gautama, revived and purified, may yet play a large part in the directions of human destiny.


Marquess of Zetland, a former Viceroy of India, “Legacy of India”

It is probable that the tendency towards self – government evidenced by these various forms of corporate activity received flesh impetus from the Buddhist rejection of the authority of the priesthood and further but its doctrine of equality as exemplified by its repudiation of caste.

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